So, what exactly is Usher Syndrome?

Usher syndrome is an inherited condition characterized by progressive vision loss and hearing impairment. The vision loss is due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a degenerative condition of the retina, and usually appears during adolescence or early adulthood. Balance may also be affected in people with Usher syndrome. Symptoms and disease progression vary from person to person. If you are interested in learning more, visit the Usher Syndrome Coalition for additional information.

What is #UsherChallenge?

#UsherChallenge is a global movement to raise awareness and funding for research to find a treatment and a cure for all forms of the leading cause of deafblindness -- Usher Syndrome (and RP - the blinding condition associated with Usher Syndrome).

Why is my Facebook Hashtag not working?

Facebook hashtags are not well supported by the Facebook API due to varying privacy settings for each user. The post itself, as well as the account of the poster, must be 100% public in order for the post to be pulled and displayed. A single privacy setting enabled on a Facebook account will prevent the post from showing up on our feed. As a result, we cannot guarantee that any Facebook hashtag posts will automatically appear in our feed. We do not recommend making Facebook hashtags a key part of your campaign.

Where does my donation go?

Your donation will go to the Usher Syndrome Society. We are a nonprofit organization lead by women whose lives are all affected by Usher Syndrome (mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend) and we are fiercely committed to finding a cure so we, and those we love will not realize their fate of losing our vision and hearing. We donate 100% to research organizations or awareness (as indicated by donor).

What if I already made a video a few months ago?

Fantastic! Repost the same video and make sure to tag #UsherChallenge.

Where do I post my video?

You can post your video on the following social media sources: Twitter - Instagram - Youtube - Vine.

If I just want to donate, where can I do so?

You can donate directly to the Usher Syndrome Society. Thank you for donating!

How can I help spread the word?

Think of anyone and everyone you know who might be willing to support the Usher Challenge by using their social media platform, and/or having their company or team either dance, donate, or post about the challenge.

Can I post the same video as my friend?

Yes! The same video can be posted by 100+ people.

I don't have a Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Vine account. What should I do?

If you need help posting your video, go here to upload it on our website and we'll take care of it from there.