Have you ever heard of Usher Syndrome? Likely not. In fact, most people diagnosed with Usher Syndrome have NEVER heard of it and some doctors don’t even know what it is!


We are working to SPREAD AWARENESS of this little known disease that causes loss of vision and hearing.  We are using the Girl Scout Law to help us in dealing with adversity (Strength and Courage) and are SO HAPPY you want you to help us DANCE FOR A CURE.  You can even earn badge requirements in doing so  (e.g Dancer, Philanthropist, Change a Story, etc.)



Dance Video Guidelines

  1. Did you get your parent’s or Troop Leaders’ approval to post?

  2. Keep your videos short, ideally 30-60 seconds in length.  Since we are using the videos for educational purposes, we are not earning money and are not using the whole song - we fall under the Fair Use Act for what is accepted by YouTube and other sites.  

  3. When making your video, be sure to introduce yourselves.  You can tell us or use a sign to show us: Troop #, location and what you are doing.  For example, “We are Troop 1673 from the Nation’s Capital Region and we are dancing for a cure for Usher Syndrome!”

  4. We cannot wait to see your creativity, you can use your favorite song or NO song out all.

  5. Include the hashtag #usherchallenge in your video title for it to be picked up by our website.

  6. We will track videos made by region.  You can check back to see if you made the #UsherChallenge map below!  

  7. Dance your heart out!  Have fun!

  8. Questions?  Email



Troop 1673 cannot wait to see your videos and cannot thank you enough for helping to spread awareness of Usher Syndrome!

#UsherChallenge Map

Where are you?